A Typescript library for Google Knowledge Graph (Freebase)

Have you ever seen a little box that eventually appears (depends on the query) as part of Google’s search results? Type “Paris” and see the magic in action. The structured content that is displayed is part of the Google Knowledge Graph, a structured database that enhances the search engine.

Google Search - Paris

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph is a huge database that contains structured data about almost everything. The intention is to enhance the search results with content that includes structured details of a particular topic. You can read more about Google Knowledge Graph at the official blog and Wikipedia.

We know that keywords are the components that form the basis of SEO, but what might caught your attention is that the Knowledge Graph seems to be very well structured, in a way that could not have been built from search terms entered by users. In fact, the knowledge base is supported by Freebase, an open database developed by Metaweb. This company was acquired by Google in 2010.

Freebase is a massive knowledge base. It is structured, searchable, editable and open-licensed (free for commercial and non-commercial use under Creative Commons). It is an ambitious initiative to create a base of semantic data on virtually everything. It is collaborative and was built with the information of many sources, including individual contribution of the online community.

The Knowledge Graph is open, powerful and Google provides an API for remote access

API documentation can be found on Google Developers. If you want direct access to the database, a data dump is available for download here. As we can see, this knowledge base creates endless possibilities for new promising applications.

Some important services:

  • search – useful for recommendation or displaying auto-complete results.
  • topic – useful for displaying a structured article about a specific subject.

You can play with these services using a web interface, here and here.

A Typescript library for Google Knowledge Graph (Freebase)

I developed a Typescript library that wraps the Freebase API and expose some services. The library contains some definitions to provide type checking at compile time and intellisense. I also published the resulting Javascript. The project is available under MIT license (open source) and is available for download on Github.

Freebase code - 01

Freebase code - 02

I hope it is useful for someone. ;)

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