Why every developer should have a blog

Scott Hanselman once said: “Every developer should have a blog”. When I think about it, I can see that the motives are noble. We spend days, months, years, developing professional code. Some solutions are simpler to implement. Others present themselves as true mind blowers! Anyway, as if all our knowledge and contributions were like forgotten boxes in a garage, we leave aside the possibility of making potential contributions when good ideas for interesting problems are dispersed into multiple projects without applying a systematic and social criteria of organization.

Why not to write about an interesting design pattern that has been successfully applied in a given context? …Why should you write?

Writing is a way of backing up knowledge acquired in problems that you once solved (it is even a way of getting deeper in the topic). It is a testament that you do what you do because you have a passion for it and not just for money. It is a tool for sharing ideas and knowledge. It is even a way of marketing yourself.

Blogs, github, google code, sourceforge, etc.. There are many ways of organizing potential interesting content.

Hello World

This is a good time for me to start a blog. I am concluding my masters, a commitment that required me time and dedication, and now I have the expectation of having more free time. ;)

I do not write for money, neither fame nor glory. I just have a passion for software development and agree with the idea that every developer should have a blog.